St. Mary Orthodox Church
105 S. 19th Street
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


St. Cyril of White Lake orthodox Food Pantry is a ministry of the Orthodox Church dedicated to providing a piece of bread and food to homeless and poor of our community.  It is totally supported by the donations of you, God’s people, without whom, it is impossible to function.  Since the Food Pantry opened in September, 2010 over 55000 people have been provided for by your generous donations.   The food pantry is open on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month from 5:30 to 6:30pm.  All those in need are welcome.


How can you help?  By donating food, money, time and most important of all your prayers for the success of this unique ministry.

Food to fill the stomachs of the hungry.

Money to help purchase foods to maintain the outreach to our neighbors in need.

Time, by volunteering to come and share the warm of God's love with those thirsting for it.

Prayers for the strength of those reaching out to those in need;

Prayers for those in need that we might be able to reach them with God’s mercy;

Prayers for one and other to strengthen each other in God’s mercy.    

Foods that are needed to help the Poor

Ready to eat canned fruit or vegetables     Peanut Butter

Jelly              Canned Soups                     Canned Chili                       

Macaroni and Cheese            Spaghetti Sauce                            

Pasta            Canned Meats          Baked Beans                                              

Noodle/Rice Mixes        Small Package of Rice or Noodles      

Canned Stews        Canned or Pouches of Tuna, Salmon or Chicken

Boxed Meals ready to be prepared          Canned and Boxed 100% Juice                        

Crackers      Tuna Helper Box                     Instant Cereal & Boxed Cereal

Canned Pastas (Chef Boyardee, Ravioli, etc.)

How to contact the St. Cyril of White Lake Food Pantry

Donations may be made by contacting:


St. Cyril of White Lake Food Pantry


St. Mary Orthodox Church


105 S. 19th St.    Pittsburgh, PA 15203


(412) 431-6428



Food assistance can be obtained by coming to


St. Cyril of White Lake Food Pantry


In the Church Hall of  


St. Mary Orthodox Church


105 S. 19th St, Pittsburgh


on Thursdays from 5:45pm to 6:45pm.


Life at the Food Pantry

Daily Life at the Food Pantry

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St. Mary Orthodox Church
105 S. 19th Street; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15203
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Upcoming Schedule
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